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you and your family members have access to
these pre-screened, seasoned, respected and knowledgable lawyers at reduced rates.
Through the COLORADO GROUP LEGAL, INC Benefits Plan,
you and your family members receive:
COST: $139.95/year
and if you are a member in good standing of a large group,
you may be entitled to additional benefits.
For example, since 1974 we have provided a
Legal Benefits Plan for Credit Unions to offer to their members
and the annual fee is waived for each Credit Union Member.


About US

What is Colorado Group Legal, Inc.?

Colorado Group Legal, Inc. is a consumer oriented, Colorado based advertising company that provides its Plan members with a Legal Benefits Plan and access to pre-screened lawyers who honor that Plan.

Our mission is to offer a One-Stop-Solution to our Plan members who have legal questions or are in need of legal services.

There is only one phone number to call: (303) 4-ADVICE (303-423-8423). Our 4-Advice line is answered by a "real person" who will route you to the lawyer who can help you with your specific legal matter.

Each law firm is independently owned and operated and each lawyer we advertise is pre-screened. Each lawyer must be a member in good standing with the Colorado Bar Association, demonstrate high ethical behavior and evidence professional expertise in their respective area(s) of law.

Since 1974 tens of thousands of satisfied people have benefited from the Colorado Group Legal Benefits Plan and from being connected with excellent attorney providers.

The cost for you to become a member of the Colorado Group Legal Benefits Plan is $139.95 a year - that is less than $12.00 a month - and your membership covers you and your immediate family for the entire year.

Many of the attorney providers and their staff members conduct classes and present seminars for our members at their request. Past presentations include Money Management, Do It Yourself Divorce, Estate Planning & the Bullet-Proof Trust, What To Do If You Get a DUI, Divorced Dad's Survival Guide, Selling Your Property By Owner.


What do you get for your annual $139.95 membership?

Family Coverage:

Your annual membership fee covers you and members of your immediate family for the entire year. This includes your children who may be away at college or traveling.

25% Discount:

Depending on the area of law, you will receive either a 25% Discount off the attorney's hourly rate or a 25% Discount off flat-rate legal fees. This benefit alone will save you hundreds of dollars.

Four Free Consultations:

Your membership entitles you to four (4) free consultations per year in different areas of law. These consultations can be face-to-face with the attorney or over the phone; whichever you prefer. We have noted over the years that some of the attorney providers spend 45 minutes to an hour with our members and these attorneys do not charge for the extended time.

Greatly Reduce Stress and Anxiety:

We have had many past clients tell us that just knowing that legal advice is one phone call away greatly reduces levels of stress and anxiety.

One-Stop Solution

As a member of the Colorado Group Legal Benefits Plan you have a One-Stop Solution for your legal needs.
Call (303) 4-ADVICE - [303-423-8423].



Become a member! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3....
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(1). Call!
Call (303) 4-ADVICE

1. Call 303-4-ADVICE
(303-423-8423) to register
and pay your annual fee.

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(2). Mail
Membership Card Mailed!

2. Your Membership Card will be mailed to you within the week. If you requested additional cards for family members, these will arrive within two (2) weeks.

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(3). Get Answers!
Get Your Answers and Benefits

3. When you have a legal question or need to talk with one of the attorneys call
(303) 4-Advice [303-423-8423]. You will be asked for your Membership Card Number when you make this call.


Important information other legal websites often put in tiny print at the bottom
Please take the time to read through the following important information.
Not A Lawyer Referral Service

This website and Colorado Group Legal, Inc. are not a lawyer referral service. This website is presented to market the Colorado Group Legal Benefit Plan and the lawyers herein advertised.

Does Not Provide 3rd Party Referrals Nor Charge Referral Fees

This website and Colorado Group Legal, Inc. do not provide 3rd party referrals; neither does the website nor Colorado Group Legal, Inc. charge or accept referral fees. Colorado Group Legal, Inc. makes every effort to ensure that no breach of client confidentiality occurs including encryption of any an all information you provide.

Lawyers Share in the Cost of This Advertising

The lawyers advertised by Colorado Group Legal, Inc. share in the actual cost of advertising without markup and incoming calls answered by a receptionist, paralegal or answering service are paid for by the firms and or lawyers involved.

This Website is Not Intended to be a Solicitation or to Provide Legal Advice

This website is not intended to be a source of solicitation or legal advice. The reader should NOT consider this website information to be an invitation for an attorney-client relationship and should not rely on information provided herein.

Meet Your Lawyers Website is a Promotion for the Internet Community

Each lawyer and each law firm indicated on this website is a separate entity independent of and not legally affiliated with Colorado Group Legal, Inc. Attorney-client relationships are formed between you and your attorney; not this website.

Use Of This Website Does Not Create An Attorney-Client Relationship

Use of this website does not create an attorney-client relationship between users of this site and any other party whatsoever. Neither transmission nor receipt of information from this website creates an attorney-client relationship between users of this site and any other party whatsoever. No attorney-client relationship exists between the users of this website and any other party.

Emailing Attorneys From this Website Does Not Create an Attorney-Client Relationship

Emailing "Meet Your Lawyers", Colorado Group Legal, Inc. or the individual attorney does not create an attorney-client relationship between users of this site and any other party whatsoever. None of the attorneys referenced on this site will enter into an attorney-client relationship on-line, through this website, through any other website, or through electronic mail or any other electronic medium. It is their policy to enter an attorney-client relationship only through a written engagement or retainer agreement and only where doing so would comply with all applicable laws and ethical rules.

Do Not Email Confidential Information to Us or Anyone Else

Transmission of information on-line, over the Internet is unstable, unreliable and insecure. There is a risk that information may be intercepted illegally. Although we encrypt both any transmission from this website there may also be a risk of waiving attorney-client privileges that might attach to such communications, where no proper attorney-client relationship exists. You should not send information or facts via email relating to your legal problem or question to us or anyone else. If you are not an existing client of ours, your email may not be privileged or confidential.

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Did you know: If you are a member in good standing of a Colorado Credit Union your annual membership fee of $139.95 is waived? Its free! Just call with your information and we will take care of the rest.

If you are a member of a large group then contact us - you may be eligible to have all or part of the annual membership fee waived for you and anyone else in that group!